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Dec 2016

Why a digital marketing workshop today will increase your marketing ROI
What percentage of their budget do you think companies spend on digital marketing channels?


According to a study conducted by Salesforce,companies are spending more than 70% of their total budget on digital marketing channels this year

If you spend 70% or more of your marketing budget on digital, a proportion of that should be on enhancing your team’s’ digital capabilities in the form of digital marketing training.

Why? Well, digital marketing training can help you increase the ROI on your digital marketing investment and:

  • Provide your team with a plan to achieve your organisation’s digital ambitions
  • Equip your team with the frameworks, skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital age

Digital marketing training will help solve these three critical challenges you could be facing in your organisation:

93% of CMOs say they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI

Why does this matter?

Leadership teams are increasingly look for return on investment (ROI) from the start of the digital investment process. But this is often a shot in the dark as emerging aspects of digital are in uncharted areas with no comprehensively provable results.

Often, when you conduct the first few iterations of a digital experiment, the ROI isn’t there. You might think you’ve failed and abandon the initiative altogether. This matters because the pressure of delivering ROI might mean that you are not innovating as much as you want to.

What can you do?

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. Far from it!Instead, look for return on learning (ROL) when it comes to your digital initiatives. If you learn from a training or workshop and apply your learnings the second time around, you are much more likely to get closer to ROI. Unlike ROI, ROL comes immediately and companies that focus on it eventually see higher ROI.

How can our training help?

If you want to increase your ROL and eventually your ROI, check out our customised digital ROI workshop to learn how to:

  • Understand the key ROI models used to assess your digital marketing investment
  • Apply best practice measurement and ROI principles
  • Evaluate digital investment in conjunction with other forms of marketing investment

50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don’t have a plan!

Source:Smart Insights

Why does this matter?

As mentioned earlier, digital is often an uncharted territory. Having a plan brings a certain degree of control and certainty to your digital campaigns.

For example, your social media marketing efforts won’t be as effective in generating brand awareness without a content calendar. Similarly, your content marketing initiatives won’t generate as many leads without a content plan and targeted database.9

What can you do?

How does one build an doable digital plan? Sure, you can create it on your own, but working with an experienced digital marketing consultant and trainer will help you take an outside-in, customer-focused approach, as well as help you create a practical post-training action plan.

Need a social media plan? A social media marketing training will offer your social media manager with real-life examples of how the world’s most successful brands are using social media.

Looking for a topline digital transformation plan? A digital transformation workshop will help you map out the scope of digital transformation needed in your business.

So, be a part of the other 50% of companies that have a clear digital marketing plan that will set you and your organisation up for success. Training is the first step towards that.

How can our training help?

Our digital transformation workshop offers exclusive, tried-and-tested frameworks for you to:

  • Discover how to think strategically about digital in your organisation
  • Decide which elements of change need more focus, for example, people, systems or processes
  • Select the right strategies for executing digital transformation in your organisation

Only 9% of people believe that their digital marketing is working


Why does this matter?

If your team believes that their own digital campaigns aren’t working, a knowledge or skills gap could be a primary cause. That’s something that you can fix.


By ensuring that you and your team stay up-to-date with digital trends and technologies to see tangible results from your marketing efforts.

What can you do?

Once again, training is the answer.

Not only will you start seeing results from your digital initiatives, but you and your team will also feel more confident to succeed in the ever-changing digital environment.Moreover, digital marketing training creates a revenue-generating ripple effect.Even if you sign up just one of your team members for a digital marketing course – say, your social media manager – you are empowering your company’s entire social media team.

That one team member can:

  • Hold internal training sessions
  • Develop an action plan for his team members based on the training
  • Transfer knowledge of the latest social media trends and technologies

and more!

How can our training help?

Does your team need to stay up-to-date on the latest in digital? Our integrated digital marketing course will help you:

  • Integrate digital within the overall marketing mix
  • Use digital to bolster value propositions to consumers
  • Use digital for insight generation, research, product development and customer service

As you can see, digital marketing training is a small investment that will help you, your team and your company become future-ready.

Excited to start digitally transforming your organisation? Great! We’ve taken you through our digital ROI, transformation and marketing courses, but our workshop list doesn’t end there. View our entire range of digital marketing courses here.

Want to sign up your employees for a bespoke corporate training program? Drop us a line at [email protected] and let us help your company become future-ready today!

Prantik Mazumdar
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