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Dec 2016

Do you know how to turn digital analytics data into profitable insights? If not, don’t fret. Google Analytics can help you better understand your online visitors so you can convert them into customers.

FutureMarketer conducted a Google Analytics course in Singapore to help marketers like you do just that. This course was led by Rachit Dayal and Owen Xia, both firm believers in the power of digital analytics to help improve your business.


Rachit Dayal - FututreMarketer Rachit Dayal, Partner at FutureMarketer


Rachit in Action

Throughout the training, participants engaged in interactive exercises to gain real-life insights. Along with providing practical knowledge, we helped simplify the maze of digital analytics by removing unnecessary digital or technical jargon. As one of our participants said:

“The explanations were easy to understand from a layman’s perspective, which I appreciate seeing as I’ve not used Google Analytics before.”

KICKSTARTing Your Digital Analytics Journey

Using our KICKSTART approach to digital analytics, we trained participants on how to turn data into insights and action to move their business forward. They also learned how to better understand their customer’s purchase journey, from click to conversion.

Digital Analytics Framework

Defining Your Goals or Conversion in Google Analytics

One module the participants found particularly helpful was “C” (Conversion & e-Commerce Tracking). During this portion of the course, participants learned how to define their business goal or conversion in Google Analytics.

To bring this technique to life, Rachit and Owen first asked participants to outline the actions they wanted visitors to take on their website as per the image below.

Defining Goals or Conversion in Google Analytics

Next, participants engaged in a roleplay session where they imagined they were marketers at two companies heavily reliant on online sales: Golden Village and Qoo10. They were asked “What goals should they set to sell more movie tickets or household items?”

After defining their Goals, participants used Google Analytics to determine what path a customer took to purchase an item from their company’s website.

Illustrating Your Customers’ Purchase Journey

Lastly, participants generated conversion reports, documenting their customers’ purchase journey. Using these reports, participants better understood their customer and, as a result, were able to optimize their online channels for better conversions.

Putting Your Newfound Skills to the Test

At the end of the two days, participants were given the opportunity to ace their Google Analytics certification exam. While 70% of participants secured their Google Analytics certification to proudly display on their LinkedIn profile, they all took away invaluable insights. As one participant told us:

“There’s no better way to learn relevant knowledge and skills in a quick and simple, but effective manner.”

If you want to use Google Analytics to turn your data into profitable insights, attend our next Google Analytics course in Singapore. To find out more about our Google Analytics or other courses, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Joe Escobedo
Joe Escobedo
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