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Feb 2016

Do you want to secure new and profitable customers? If yes, you might think you need to be an exceptional digital marketer to make it happen. That’s true, but we believe it also requires being an equally exceptional salesperson. At FutureMarketer, we recommend you equip yourself with both digital marketing and sales skills to close more deals in 2016.

For example, our recent How to Sell Google Adwords training participant used the skills she learned to close a six-figure deal.

Why our Google AdWords training participant is just like you

She is a Director at a prominent marketing agency in Singapore. She came to our training with one goal in mind: sell more services (in this case, Google Adwords consulting) than her competitors.

Our participant and her consultants were knowledgeable about Google AdWords but closing a deal is not just dependent on a great product. Our participant’s consultants needed help translating their product knowledge into great pitching and sales skills, and that’s where our training came in.

If you know your product inside-out too but struggle in pitching it to clients, we hope this article will help you understand the sales skills you’ll need to close more deals in 2016.

Here’s what our participant learnt during our How to Sell Google AdWords training:

1. We taught her the ‘3 P’s’ of delivering a compelling pitch

While our participant knew the power of a great pitch deck, she wanted to learn how to create one that spurs action. That’s exactly what our ‘3 P’s’ of pitching helped with:

  1. We showed our participant how to fill her pitch deck with powerful statements that clearly displayed the benefits of her product or service. We trained her to listen attentively to the client and structure her deck’s content according to their needs.
  2. During the Google Adwords training, she learnt how to be persuasive without being pushy. She realised the value of being a consultative seller who listens to the client instead of pushing a one-size-fits-all solution.
  3. She understood the need to avoid petty arguments and discussions and instead focus only on things she was passionate about in her pitch.

So our participant learnt to always be powerful, persuasive and passionate about what she is selling. Above all, she understood that your client comes first and you must adapt your pitch for them, not the other way around!

If you follow the 3 P’s too, you are in a great position to help boost your agency’s bottom line. We also hope that our sales pitching tips will help boost your agency’s profile. This happened to be the case for our participant:

“The marketing decks and concrete blueprints provided (during the training) helped us to better structure our pitching and presentations when approaching potential clients. We were able to project ourselves as a more reputable agency”.

The more reputable you are as an agency, the more deals you will be able to close – setting into motion a positive growth cycle for your business.

2. She learnt how to turn objections into sales

Even after following the 3 P’s of pitching, our participant might still encounter some objections to a particular deal. During the Google Adwords training, she learnt how to convert a reluctant buyer into a satisfied customer:

“The trainer taught us how to close deals by managing objections. The trick is to position ourselves at a more powerful position than the client, as compared to giving in instantly by offering discounts.”

When it came to facing objections to sales, our participant’s biggest takeaway was this: Do not give up if your client is not instantly warming up to your pitch, but also be a flexible pitcher. Adapt the pitch to the client’s needs.

Our participant’s takeaway helped her clinch a six-figure deal that her company had been trying to close for some time:

“Since the training, we have closed projects totaling six figures and we have not even entered 2016!”

3. She learnt sales skills that are transferable to different products and people

The sales skills our participant learnt during the training were not restricted to Google AdWords. She realised she could apply them to her company’s other marketing services too:

“Despite being Google Adwords centric, most of what was taught was applicable to many other aspects of my business.”

If her newly learnt sales skills could be transferred to other products, what about her team members? Our Google Adwords training resulted in a trickle-down effect on her business, ultimately helping her colleagues become better salespeople too:

“Most of (our agency’s) progress has been achieved by sharing whatever I learnt  with my team. If I were to send my team for this training, which I will, they will learn more, achieve more and grow the business further.”

As you can see from our participant’s training and post-training experiences, becoming a better AdWords salesperson has helped her and her agency in several ways.

Here’s how it can help you too:

  • Learn to deliver compelling pitches that are also flexible and client-responsive
  • Face objections to sales without being dominant or pushy
  • Transfer your newly acquired sales skills to other products and people

Most importantly, having extensive sales knowledge makes you a better and more well-rounded marketer. It takes you beyond the marketing reports on your computer screen and out onto the field, bringing you closer to your client than ever before.

Do you want to get started on your journey towards becoming a better salesperson? Check out our next Google AdWords training. If you want to know more about our other digital marketing courses in Singapore, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Joe Escobedo
Joe Escobedo
[email protected]

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