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Are you looking to transform your business through digital? We can help you become future-ready.

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Courses for Practitioners

Do you want to take your digital marketing initiatives to the next level? We can help you become future-ready.

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5 Reasons We Can Offer You an Unmatched Learning Experience:

1. “In it, doing it”

Lots of people say they’ve been there done that, but in the digital world that could be outdated. We are a team of marketing practitioners with specialisations ranging from web analytics and SEO to digital transformation and business models. When we aren’t conducting training, we are providing digital marketing consultancy to both Fortune 500 firms and SMEs, whilst using the latest in digital tech. Therefore, we understand your real challenges and take a pragmatic approach to solving them.

2. Professionally trained coaches

We have years of success in the industry; however, we realise you need more than experience to effectively engage busy executives. That’s why we are continuously implementing the latest best practices in training, facilitation and adult learning. Don’t be surprised if we are playing games or doing role-plays or exercises during training; it all ladders up to the programme’s key learnings.

3. Asia-focused

A large part of our experience is rooted in Asia. Therefore, we understand the challenges leaders and marketers face in this region. We don’t just bring examples and key learnings from other regions. Instead, we develop and deliver learning solutions that work for your region, market and business context.

4. Ongoing learning journey

We realise that you can’t learn everything in a workshop. Like an athlete training for the Olympics, it takes ongoing practice and hands-on learning to truly perfect a skill, which is why we go beyond traditional training to create an ongoing journey of learning and development. We provide resources and coaching before, during and after the training. This ensures participants are learning and engaged long before and after they set foot in the classroom.

5. Clients first, always

This phrase gets thrown around a lot. We, however, live these words everyday. For example, we strive to be available for our clients – whenever, wherever. We also spend many hours preparing for each and every training, thinking through every possible scenario to answer your business needs.