Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Discover Top Digital Marketing Strategies

Who should join?

Managers and leaders who oversee brand communications & marketing strategy and are witnessing an increasingly large role of digital in the marketing mix

Learning outcomes
  • Integrate digital within the overall marketing mix
  • Use digital to bolster value propositions to consumers
  • Use digital for insight generation, research, product development and customer service
What our valued clients say about our integrated digital marketing

Excellent, very relevant, very knowledgeable consultant

– COO at Starbucks Philippines

He was able truly deliver new insights to our senior leadership team on how they should be thinking strategically about digital marketing in our business.

– Worldwide Director of Digital Strategy & Platforms at Johnson & Johnson

Fuji Xerox
The best digital consultant I have ever worked with. Worth all the time and effort

– Marketing manager at Fuji Xerox

Most useful series of courses I have attended at work. Great facilitator, excellent materials. Fantastic. I want the entire team to go through this.

– General Manager at Fonterra

Excellent. Provocative. Practical in how to take control (of digital) for the business.

– APAC CEO at Omnicom Group

leo burnett
Very relevant to our business needs. Don’t help our competition!

– Country CEO at Leo Burnett Worldwide

Excellent. Relevant. Inspiring!

– CHINA CEO at PHD Worldwide

Both inspiring and practical. Helps you understand the how, and not just the why

– President at DDB

Relevant, engaging and thought-provoking! Very insightful.

– Country CEO at Lowe and Partners

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
Sharp, commercial, engaging and most importantly funny.

– Group Strategic Director at Ogilvy & Mather

Highly knowledgeable person that gave our teams useful strengths!

– Regional Senior AE-Nikon at J. Walter Thompson

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