Build Awareness & Drive Traffic with Search Advertising

Search Advertising

Search Advertising

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Building Awareness & Driving Traffic

Who should join?

Business owners, marketing managers, media planners, web developers, copywriters, and advertising executives who want to learn the ins and outs of Search Advertising with Google AdWords

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare to ace your Google Search Advertising certification exam
  • Set up and manage compelling and effective Google AdWords campaigns
  • Maximise your company’s visibility on key search engines
  • Optimise your campaign to improve conversions, traffic and other marketing objectives
  • Learn about the key principles including keyword research, ad copywriting & account organization

Summary of Training

  • Investment: S$995
  • Includes: Lunch, Refreshments, Digital Handouts, Certificate of Completion
  • Where: TBA
  • Also available as: a customised half-day, one-day or two-day corporate training

For any questions, please drop us at a line at or call us at (+65) 6653 8065..

The follow-up courses to this workshop are Display Advertising with Google, and Video Advertising with Google.

What Will You Learn?

Introduction to AdWords
  • Why Use AdWords?
  • History of Advertising
  • Advantages of AdWords
  • Where Do Ads Show?
  • Key Terms
Search Ad Campaigns
  • Keyword Research
  • Bidding & Pricing
  • Account Organization
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Ad Extensions
  • Billing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting & Analysis

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Search Advertising with Google
AdWords (Search Advertising) + Google Search Fundamentals Certification Exam Search Advertising Workshop

S$995 +GST


What did you like about the course?

The structure of the programme.

What would you improve about the course?

More examples on post-campaign set up.

What did you like about the course?

Practical use of Google Adwords is excellent, give me more. Very impressed with knowledge and real world examples.

What would you improve about the course?

I am not 100% sold on the test aspect. Great, gives me a cert that expires in a year, but I don't care. If somehow the course was fully focused on content and practical exercises, and the students that wanted the exam can take for 2 hours after end of course. Optional, not required. I am paying for your knowledge on how to use these products, not a get a cert prep course.

What did you like about the course?

The trainers are well versed and has great experience in sharing their knowledge. The training was delivered in a fun and laidback manner.

What would you improve about the course?

Instead of using sample clients (Flyscoot/Insead/etc), trainers may want to focus on the product/industry that the trainee is dealing with. That would help us in applying to our own experience/work.

What did you like about the course?

Schedule are well prepared.

What did you like about the course?

Good balance of theory and activities.

What would you improve about the course?

"A little difficult to produce sample ads of examples on the spot.
Will be better to use our company examples as there'll be relevant but granted it'll be more difficult to coordinate the class and more time will be taken to conduct.
Google uses a lot of similar terms - definitely not a course for beginners."

What did you like about the course?

I do not like the idea of a pressurised exam. With limited experience and exposure to Google AdWords, as I specialised on Digital and Social Media Marketing at work, I kind of know that I will not do too well. So I supposed I will have to study more and retake. How should I prepare myself?

What would you improve about the course?

I was encouraged to take Google AdWords so that I have a better understanding when writing better briefs to outsource to vendors. I don't have a suggestion on improvement now but may be a course focused on participants who need to write briefs for such purposes.