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Website & Mobile User Experience

Website & Mobile User Experience Course

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Building Usable and Desirable Interfaces

Who should join?

Marketing managers, web designers, social media designers, copywriters and advertising executives

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilise branding strategy review to ensure digital assets meet brand guidelines
  • Learn from market-leading case studies, and practical tips of leading designs
  • Design compelling and engaging visuals for your web and social media channels
  • Evaluate the technical factors that play a part in mobile and responsive design
  • Realign your understanding of digital advertising in the framework of user experience
  • Produce social & online content that attracts attention, traffic & business

Summary of Training

  • Investment: S$995
  • Includes: Full Lunch Buffet, Refreshments, Handouts, Certificate of Completion
  • Trainers: Owen Xia
  • Where: M Hotel, Singapore
  • Also available as: a customised half-day, one-day or two-day corporate training

For any questions, please drop us at a line at or call us at (+65) 6653 8065.

What Will You Learn?

Introduction to UI, UX & Design
  • What do these phrases mean?
  • Usability First and Designing for People
  • How design impacts the customer purchase cycle
  • The universe of visual presence we need to care about
Crowd-sourcing Design
  • Templates (1999) vs Templates (2015)
  • Themeforest & other popular graphics libraries
  • Know Your Rights & Duties While Buying Assets
Web Sites & Web Apps
  • Sitemaps & Content Planning
  • The Home Page and it’s impact
  • Layouts & Templates for Internal Pages
  • Planning your navigation & internal links
  • HTML, CSS, URLs & Other Technical Factors
Mobile App & Site Design
  • Principles of Mobile-First
  • Responsive vs Mobile Versions
  • Native vs Web Apps
  • Adapting to iOS & Android philosophies
Banner Advertising
  • Primer: Banner Sizes Available
  • Primer: Banner Functionality Available
  • Designing for Conversions vs Branding
  • Call-To-Actions & Take-Away Design
Social Profiles
  • Microblogging Networks of Facebook & Twitter
  • Mobile Networks of WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE & more
  • Visual Social Networks like YouTube, Instagram & Pinstorm
Social Posts
  • Cards on Twitter
  • Newsfeed images on Facebook
  • Filters on Instagram Photos
Content Marketing Design
  • Data Visualization & Infographics
  • Attractive Articles & Blog Posts
  • Visual Storytelling through Decks & SlideShare

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UI/UX Design for the Web & Social Media
Website, Landing Pages, eDMs, Infographics, SlideShares, Social Media Post & Profiles Design User Experience & Design Workshop

S$995 +GST


What did you like about the course?

practical tips and references.

What would you improve about the course?

list of online resources

What did you like about the course?

It addresses UX/UI in a practical way for marketers, rather than going too much into depth unlike other training courses in the market.

What would you improve about the course?

Perhaps the trainers could keep themselves a little more up to date with certain programs/available software? E.g. Adobe Edge Animate, Fiverr, etc. :) .

What did you like about the course?

Informative . Learn about best practices so we can apply to our daily work.

What did you like about the course?

Practical and informative. Quite a lot of useful tools given.

What would you improve about the course?

Maybe to have a few more instructors to help look into individual area that we are working on. This will be helpful for group learning purposes.

What did you like about the course?

Covered a lot of ground. Comfortable environment to ask questions and to learn. Lecturer consistently brought in relevant information.

What would you improve about the course?

"Felt that from the Banner ads onward, it was a bit far from UI/UX. Talking about Infographics, Banner Layouts, and even SlideShare techniques, maybe the link back to UI/UX can better.

Time spent to work on small tasks can a bit longer for more constructive ideas. "

What did you like about the course?

I liked the opportunities to practice and sketch our plans with relevant feedback from the trainer.

What did you like about the course?

Training has a lot exercises and practices, which help to inject ideas and helps brainstorm for my work. Most importantly it is the networking and meeting people from the industry. Sharing knowledge and experiences.

What would you improve about the course?

Too much time was spent on Mobile Design on Day 1. Could have moved more from Day 2 to Day 1. Great to have post-class follow-up like Search Advertising with Google class. Example: Google Hangouts.