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Mar 2017

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a change management process where you use digital technologies and data to improve your business by better engaging stakeholders and customers.

What are its benefits?

  • Directly or indirectly improve business performance
  • Digitally engage new customers on new digital channels
  • Improve your operating performance through digital technologies

Our Digital Transformation Approach
Becoming more ‘digital’ is crucial but different stakeholders will have different perspectives on:

  • What digital transformation looks like?
  • How and when will we get there?

To align leaders on digital transformation and give them the confidence to take their business forward in a digital world, we developed the 6-element S.P.A.R.C.S. framework:

  • Structure
  • People
  • Ambition
  • Revenue/ Results
  • Culture
  • Systems and Processes

Watch this video to know more about how these 6 elements in tandem can help you achieve holistic and long-lasting digital transformation:



Taru Jain
Taru Jain
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