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Jul 2016

Last week, I took an UberPool ride and happened to share a cab with a senior marketer from a Fortune 500 company.

As UberPool gives the sharing passengers each others’ names (yes, I know – people have mixed feelings about that), we did the civil thing and said “hello”. The inevitable “so what do you do” question soon came up. My co-passenger mentioned that she was in town to discuss her company’s marketing and corporate communications strategy planning. When she asked me what I did, I answered by sharing what FutureMarketer does:

“Helping executives become future-ready by training them on digital transformation”.

“Ah-ha,” she said… and shared that her team recently had a discussion with her boss about how they could become more digital, which sounded exactly like the kind of digital marketing learning programmes we run at FutureMarketer.

Within seconds, she asked for my name card and the next day, she set up a meeting with her boss. And that has led to a very interesting consulting opportunity. What a fun way to develop new business!

From this short UberPool ride experience, I learnt two key lessons about digital transformation:

Participate in collaborative consumption

In an increasingly connected world, people will constantly come together to share resources to create value.
It’s happening across countries, cultures and industries. And it will happen somewhere that will impact you too. So feel its impact, embrace it and participate in it. Start small – book an UberPool ride, find out about Airbnb options, see what you have that you can loan out to someone else…basically participate!

Move! Avoid analysis paralysis

Did I plan the outcome from my UberPool ride? Of course not. It was an interesting option that both my co-passenger and I wanted to try out. And that’s the key – avoid analysis paralysis. Just try something new.

When it comes to digital transformation in your business, it’s the same. If you are hoping your teams will come back with all outcomes mapped out and probabilities of success defined, understand that it’s not going to happen. So as we like to say in FutureMarketer: be ‘in it and doing it’. Take some action – and focus on moving forward without trying to predict the outcome all the time.

You can start small – get your team together and discuss the impact of a trend on your business, call us in for a digital transformation discussion, invest a little money in that innovative project you know you should be trying.

But do something to move forward.

So what’s the bottom line?

Always keep your eyes open for digital opportunities and inspiration. You never know where you will find it, perhaps on your next ride in a shared taxi!

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Anupama Hegde
[email protected]

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